About us


  • Co.Ltd. founded in 1993
  • The main trend is children’s and encyclopaedic literature
  • Publishes books in Armenian, Russian, English and French
  • “Areg” successfully collaborates with a number of foreign publishers
  • “Areg” regularly participated in the international book fairs in Frankfurt, Paris and Moscow
  • At present “Areg” realizes a project which aims at presenting books dedicated to Armenia and Armenian people to foreign speaking reader

”Children’s Encyclopaedia” series

  • “Children’s Encyclopaedia of Armenian Christianity” (published in Armenian – 10.000 copies and in English – 2.000 copies)
  • “The Wonders of Armenia”, in Armenian (published in 2000 and in 2009. It has been published in Russian in 2004. The book has been published in French by the SIGEST publishing-house (Paris).
  • “The Echo of the Forgotten Treasures”, in Armenian and Russian
  • “Encyclopaedia of Chess”, in Armenian
  • “The Semi-Precious Stones of Armenia”, in Armenian


  1. Armenian-French Dictionary (nearly 50.000 words)
  2. Armenian-French Dictionary (nearly 18.000 words)
  3. French-Armenian Dictionary (nearly 10.500 words)
  4. French-Armenian -Armenian- French Dictionary (nearly 40.000 words)
  5. Russian-Armenian-Armenian-Russian Dictionary (nearly 22.000 word)
  6. English-Armenian – Armenian-English Dictionary (nearly 40.000 words)
  7. Armenian- English Dictionary (nearly 22.000 words)
  8. English-Armenian Dictionary (nearly 18.000 words)
  9. Spanish-Armenian Dictionary (nearly 22.000 words)
  10. 1000 Most Useful English Words
  11. 200 English Prepositions

Conversation Guides

  1. Armenian-English Conversation Guide
  2. Armenian-French Conversation Guide
  3. Armenian-Italian Conversation Guide
  4. Armenian-Spanish Conversation Guide
  5. Armenian-Greece Conversation Guide
  6. Armenian-Georgian Conversation Guide
  7. Russian-Armenian Conversation Guide
  8. English-Armenian Conversation Guide
  9. French-Armenian Conversation Guide