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All Colours of Armenia

book cover

Yerevan, AREG Publishing House, 2016, 128 pages
ISBN 978-9939-837-18-5

How does this book differ from a number of similar publications?
This book seeks to present the works of the best photographers of Armenia and the Dia­spora. Its objective is to present Armenia in a new light, from a new vantage point and “position.” All the photographs are accompanied by brief and factual information, making it a comprehensive collection. The most important element is that along with breathtaking landscapes and picturesque vistas of Armenia, we have included photos that are usually excluded, and some of them have their honourable place in the most prestigious museums in the world (stone crosses, miniatures, expositions), native flora and fauna, etc., so that the foreigner will have a complete picture about our wonderful country, to present nature with all its colours.

Compiled by:
Samvel Gasparyan

Photos by:
Ara Güler
Hrair Hawk Khatcherian
Zaven Sargsyan
Andranik Kochar
Poghos Poghosyan
Ruben Mangasaryan
Varoujan Sirapian
Hakob Berberyan
Tigran Mangasaryan
Hrachya Ghazaryan
Ashot Piliposyan
Arthur Harutyunyan
Samvel Karapetyan
Emil Yavryan
Mane Gasparyan
Irina Tadevosyan
Henry Vardanyan

Mkrtich Matevosyan

Susanna Mkrtchyan


Tatev Monastery

The Tatev Monastery is one of the masterpieces of medieval Arme­nian architecture. The choice of location of the monastery gives to it its architectural meaning — the steep wild gorges on three sides and the divine nature of the environment give the monastery complex a special charm. There are three churches in the complex: St. Grigor Lusavorich/Gregory Illuminator Church (9th century), Poghos-Petros/ Paul-Peter Church (10th century) and St. Astvatsatsin Church (11th century). The awe-inspiring decorative reliefs of the complex and the eight metre high memorial pillar (904 A.D.), which is a rare architectural structure, has resisted numerous earthquakes and yet sways with even the slightest touch of a human hand.

In the 14th century, the monastery was a large spiritual, scientific and cultural centre of Armenia. The famous University of Tatev functioned here, where well known scientists and theologians of that period, Grigor Tatevatsi, Hovhannes Vorotnetsi as well as acclaimed philosophers, musicians, painters and writers taught.

The wonders of Armenia

illustrated encyclopaedia/ hardcover, laminated, 104 pages, 21 cm x 29 cm, 750 gm, price – 10000 dram.

Foreigners called our country ‘a museum in an open air.” This encyclopedia is a specific guide in four “saloons’ of that museum: “Ancient Period,” “Medieval Period, Christianity,” “Nature and Lifestyle,” and “Newest Period.” More than 80 “wonders” included here are dear to Armenian reader. Maybe, this is the reason that the publishing house has chosen a little pretentious word “wonders” as a title for the book. However, we are proud of those ‘wonders,” most part of them occupied their deserved place in the treasury of world culture. You can find values forming the inseparable part of the History of the Armenian People in the encyclopedia. They are situated in the territory of the Historical Armenia (Akhtamar Saint Cross Cathedral, The Brook of Shamiram, Ani Cathedral, etc).

This book is published in English, Armenian, French and Russian languages.